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7 Ways David Allen Capital Is Better

  1. Our lenders like to say YES!
  2. What are we better than? We are better than fighting the traditional lending practices of banks and other lending institutions. Our process is focused towards service to the client, not to the bank.
  3. Who are we better than? We are better than traditional banks and other lending institutions that do not have the extensive experience, willing lenders and resources that David Allen Capital clients have come to expect.
  4. Applying to David Allen Capital won’t adversely impact your credit score. A one-time soft pull of your credit report goes to all of our lenders with your application and minimal documentation.
  5. Our process is better. You apply once to David Allen Capital, David Allen Capital presents your application to over two dozen willing lenders. David Allen Capital then presents the client with multiple offers from which to choose.
  6. There are no up-front fees to start our process. Simple, Easy and Fast.
  7. Faster than the (“slow & no”) bank – you bet! Approval in one day, Funding in three to five business days. Fast!

David Allen Capital works to get money for you while you remain focused on building your business.

For more information, go to When you are ready, complete the brief qualification form and the one page application to get started.

Carla Parvin – Independent Agent
David Allen Capital, Inc.
David Allen Capital is a division of Youngevity International, Inc.
DAC lenders have loaned over $10 Billion to thousands of small businesses.
DAC is an Independent Sales Organization for the most reputable alternative lenders.

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